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Kickstarter Marketing | How to use Kickstarter to fund your invention ideas (Part 5)

In this Kickstarter class, we will discuss the importance of marketing your crowd funding campaign. The first video in this Kickstarter series can be found here:...

Class action lawsuit targets World Patent Marketing for scamming customers with invention ideas

A class action lawsuit targets World Patent Marketing for scamming customers with unique invention ideas.

Free patent help & invention marketing or how to patent your idea and make money from its sales We help inventors patent and market their ideas to large corporations to make residual money from its global sales. Our...

How to Patent an Invention for Free and Make Money by Marketing it Globally Do you have an idea or invention? Would you like to protect it and receive residual income from its global sales? We can...

Moto g5s plus Oreo udate News for Lenovo company

Moto g5s plus Oreo udate

First Social Media Account! (Follow Me!)

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GoodLifeMusik Swiss, Zürich 2018 All The Instruments On This Beat Music Are Played By Myself ! To Create Somethings From Nothing ! Subscribe Me ! GLM Beats.

Coca-Cola idea


Back To School Collection By Scott Cooper Miami

Scott Cooper Miami Coined The Phrase Fashion Capital USA. Check Out The Latest Fashion Trends at Looking for a scholarship? Check out...

Trax: The Evolution of Snow Bikes

Trax “Evolution of snow bikes” will inspire most any adventure enthusiast while providing you with an in depth look at the history of the “Snow Bike” sport and...