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Crash Course Intellectual Property and Economics!

John Green and Stan Muller talk about the future of Crash Course Humanities

The Lean Approach: Getting Out of the Building – Intellectual Property

This video is part of Kauffman Founders School Kauffman Founders School series feature Powerful Presentations with...

A Brief History of the Intellectual Properties of Learning

The history of changes to the intellectual property status of research and scholarship under the rubric of open science.

Innovation and Intellectual Property Awards

Innovation and Intellectual Property Awards

Intellectual Property Protection in Malaysia – Talk 28 September 2011

At 28 September 2011, Eurogain organised a free talk about Intellectual Property (IP) protection and Trademark protection in Malaysia. Things that were discussed were...

Intellectual Property and Economic Growth, Pt. 1

The Federalist Society’s Intellectual Property Practice Group hosted this panel discussion on Intellectual Property and Economic Growth at the 2009 National...

U.S. Intellectual Property Law-Introduction

Introduction/Property, intellectual property, bundle of rights & general overview

Listing on Amazon – Avoiding Intellectual Property Right Violation

This video explains our policies around intellectual property rights and helps in making the sellers aware that they can be liable for copyright issues.

The importance of enforcing intellectual property rights

Why do ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations special agents enforce anti-counterfeiting laws? The answer is simple: Counterfeiting: — harms the local and...

TDSP Success Stories: Episode 4 – Enhancing Intellectual Property (IP) Teaching and Training

TDSP supports to the strengthening of Intellectual Property Rights in Cambodia.