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Patent Application in Hong Kong

The Intellectual Property Department in Hong Kong handles all patent protection applications. Those investors who want to protect their inventions from being...

Patent Filing Services in India for Inventions: Understanding Patent Claims

Patent Filing Services in India: Visit us: How to read a patent: This patent video presents a sample facebook patent and an explanation of...

What You Need for a Patent

Learn what is needed to file for a design patent and utility patent. More information can be obtained at

Overview of the Patent System | IP series 3 of 62

Intellectual Property for Start Ups This series of videos, designed to assist entrepreneurs during their start up period, covers over 60 topics, including patents,...

How much does a patent application cost?

Contact John Ferrell at if he can further assist you. The cost of preparing and filing a patent application can vary...

Design Registration: A guide to the process in Australia So, you’ve designed a great new product, but how exactly do you register a design? What are the requirements, what’s protected, what...

Hague-Agreement and Design Filings

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What Does a Design Patent Protect?

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Design Patents for Software Inventions

Chhabra Law Firm ( discusses why design patents are advantageous for software inventions like mobile apps and web/desktop user interfaces.


Intellectual property includes patents- they are the rights of inventors to new products -both manufactured and also ‘grown’ as in plants. The process for...