C8 Corvette to have Power-Opening Doors, reveals new General Motors Patent

C8 Corvette to have Power-Opening Doors, reveals new General Motors Patent .The upcoming C8 Corvette is already one of the most heavily rumored cars in recent automotive history, and now we can add another rumor to the list. According to a recent patent filing by General Motors shows technical drawings of a power swinging-door mechanism.
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Opening and Closing at the push of a button, by itself isn’t extraordinary, or even new for that matter. There are two things that make this particular patent interesting. The powered doors would be able to adjust force to compensate for wind or gravity when parked on slopes.
Instead of having a simple motor to open and close the door, these devices would work in conjunction to sense forces acting on the door – such as strong winds – and adjust power to compensate. The system would also detect obstructions to the door.
The image GM included with the patent application clearly shows a Chevrolet Corvette, but it resembles the current C7 model. It’s possible the car’s likeness is simply a placeholder for this application; such a feature seems more fitting for a larger SUV or snazzy luxury car. It’s also possible that GM is working on this option for the mid-engined Corvette, which we know will be sold alongside the current generation for at least a little while. It fits into the recent narrative we’ve heard about the car’s launch being delayed over electrical issues, not to mention an upscale grand touring Corvette that could be offered further down the road.
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