Behavioral Economics for Product Design 101 – O’Reilly Webcast

Have you heard about behavioral economics but aren’t sure how it applies to you? Behavioral econ can help you understand your users and how to make your product more effective.

In this Webcast, we’ll start with the basics and move to practical techniques you can use in your product. Here’s the idea:

Learn about behavioral economics and its cousin, the psychology of judgment and decision-making
See how it’s lessons are already being applied in consumer products from the Jawbone UP to Clocky (the rolling clock)
Understand how habits fit in, and when they can smooth the path to action
Find out how to identify behavioral obstacles your users face, and how to overcome them

This webcast talk led by Stephen Wendel is about how to help your users take action, using the best research out there on decision-making, and how it’s been applied in the real world. Don’t miss this informative event!

About Steve Wendel

Stephen is a behavioral social scientist who serves as the Principal Scientist at HelloWallet, an independent financial guidance company. He conducts original research on financial behavior and coordinates the research efforts of HelloWallet’s advisory board of leading behavioral economists and psychologists.

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