Awesome Inventions For Self-Defense

We’re not all fantastic physical specimens, and that may make some people feel more susceptible to things like assault or mugging. Not to worry! Here are some inventions designed to make you’ll feel as safe as ever!

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6. Pepper Spray Camera
Incapacitate a criminal while taking a photo of their face at the same time? Genius! The Defender 24/7 features a camera, a GPS to dispatch your location to emergency services, and a siren that attracts the attention of those around you. Oh, and it has good, old pepper spray as well. When you press the button on the top, the device captures a picture before emitting pepper spray onto an attackers eyes. Not only will you have a photo of the criminal, but the Defender will also send the photo to authorities. On top of all of these features, the Defender has a monitoring service that stores your personal, medical, and insurance information.

5. The Ultimate Keychain
Earlier, we mentioned how you could use your keys to whip someone in the face. Something a little more evolved than that is the Munio Keychain. Munio bills their keychain as a safer alternative to a stun gun or pepper spray. Those with small children may opt for the Munio instead because, by itself, the Munio is harmless. It’s all about how you use the keychain. The Munio is shaped like a surfboard and fits in your hand. You hold the pointy end away from your face to strike the other person in the face. Whether the assailant approaches you from behind or wherever they grab you, the Munio instructional videos show how you can use their product to escape.

4. The Cane And The Sword
When you think about it, a cane is a perfect place to conceal a sword without it accidentally poking anyone. Cane swords have existed for a long time. It might appear ostentatious to carry around a fashionable cane, but hey, if that sword ends up saving your life, then does the risk outweigh the weird stares from other people? When we say “cane,” we don’t mean the ones on sale at the local store for medical reasons. Most cane swords are fancy and are priced over $100.

3. SAP Cap
Here’s something that isn’t as showy as an elegant cane. Who knew a solid-colored baseball cap could double as a method of knocking an attacker unconscious–or at the very least, disoriented. A SAP Cap is something you can carry with you everywhere. The crown of the hat contains a weighted blackjack in a pocket sewn on the hat’s inside. You may try to headbutt someone with your hat, or you can remove it and throw your headgear in the face of the person trying to hurt you. The SAP Cap creators say the material has 10% more density than lead!

2. Steel Gloves
Gloves are way more handy than keeping you warm or safe. We already mentioned some gloves great for combat, but this pair is much more intense. SAP Gloves are the kinds of products that police, security guards, and bouncers use. The knuckles of SAP Gloves are weighted with steel so that the punches you land come with more force. Like most of the products on this list, these gloves appear like regular work gloves. Don’t worry about hurting yourself from all that steel! SAP Gloves are designed to protect your forearm and wrist. In places like the UK, SAP gloves are legal to own, but it is illegal to possess in a public place.


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