Zojuist bekend gemaakt: de winnaar van de Philips Innovation Award!

De winnaar is bekend! Zojuist is de Philips Innovation Award 2018 uitgereikt. RTLZ is daar, in samenwerking met Philips, live bij. We praten nu met de gelukkige winnaar...


Pitching Product Design In Virtual Reality

We thought we would take a look at Fusion Reactor, a Virtual Reality experience that takes you on trip inside a Fusion Reactor. Fusion reactor on Oculus Share:...


Source Direct – Inventor Testimonials – Get Your Invention Developed TODAY!

Get a complimentary invention evaluation today! 888-373-3876 Product Analysis and Design: We can provide a comprehensive Product Analysis and Design...


Nitrada – Old love, New idea

6th song of their first album, We Don’t Know Why But We Do It, released in February 2004.


Patent Backlogs Fuel Efforts To Extend Pharma Patent Terms In Thailand And Brazil, AIDS Activists Say

[Note: This story is part of the Supported Series on The Role of Civil Society In TRIPS Flexibilities Implementation, made possible by the Make Medicines Affordable...


The Dangers of Intellectual Property Theft

Learn about the real consequences of counterfeit and pirated products. Intellectual property theft poses serious threats to our health and safety, funds criminal...


Larson & Larson – Patent Attorney Justin Miller speaks to IPLS and Food Law Society

On November 3rd, 2015, patent attorney Justin Miller spoke to the Intellectual Property Law Society and the Food Law Society at the Stetson University College of law. He...


Alice becomes a bit more wonderful for patent owners, but issues remain

Since its 2014 issuance, the Supreme Court’s decision on patent eligibility in Alice v. CLS Bank has bedeviled patent owners, attorneys, judges, academics, and...


Design & Utility Patents, + First to File Reform – Patent Law Q&A

Patent Attorney, Toni Tease, and Salient Co-Owner, David Yakos discuss the differences between Design & Utility Patents, and the change from First to File laws, to...


What is the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

The USPTO is an agency managed by the executive branch of the US government that is charged with granting patents and registering trademarks. Attorney Joseph Piper...