EUREKA Innovation Days 2018

Learn more about trends and outlooks for the future in your own field. Benefit from cross-fertilisation of ideas from adjacent areas of smart industries. Network and...


Industrial Design Students Take on Pumpkin Carving

With inspiration from some of the world’s top designers thinkers, 77 Georgia Tech students took their hand at carving pumpkins with some extra panache. These...


Top 10 Ridiculous Infomercial Products

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Infomercial Products Subscribe: These crazy products were actually invented by someone! WatchMojo lists the ten products that...


Top Clash – A new idea in the Catalan – Caruana vs Anand | Chess Olympiad 2018 Batumi |

Daniel King shows Caruana (USA) vs Anand (IND) from round 4 of the chess olympiad in Batumi 2018. Support on Patreon: ►


Upando do 1 ao 120 (Ep: 1)

Bom. Este foi o primeiro vídeo do canal de World of Warcraft. Onde eu tentarei upar o meu personagem do lvl. 1 ao lvl. 120. Mrlglglglglg.


Bogus Youtube Trademark Claim Putting My Channel in Jeopardy | Save Me Alex Trebek!

How ironic that the game is Jeopardy that is putting my channel in jeopardy of shutting down. Sorry for the poor Enzo Amore impression. I will never do it again....


Proceed with Caution When Acquiring a Licensor's Patents –

Prospective licensees/purported infringers should carefully evaluate the possibility of patent acquisition well in advance of seeking to disparage such patents during...


We Try Swapping Styles For 3 Days

“I feel like Cat Woman.” Get their looks here: Nina Bazaar Stripe Jumpsuit – Multi: Brush It Off Hoodie Dress – Heather...


How to : Write a patent disclosure

Write a patent disclosure If you invented something and you want to make sure that this invention will be named under you and have the sole right over it, you need to...


Game Patents – A Waste of Your Money

Although there’s lots of information about patents online, there’s lots of confusion. This is a brief summary. Just Say No to patents, they’re not even...