Amazon Trademark Violations – Protecting Your Business as a Seller and a Buyer

Check out our other videos here As an Amazon seller, what do you do when competitors make complaints against you to intentionally get your seller account suspended, knock you out of the buybox, and cause other serious issues for you as an Amazon seller? Unfortunately, this happens all too often.

If one of your competitors has asserted a complaint about your listing, it’s crucial to immediately take action. You can do so here:

Even if the complaint is written on an attorney’s letterhead or is disguised as a note coming directly from the manufacturer, if it is coming from one of your competitors, there’s a very good chance that this complaint is invalid. This is grounds for not only getting your Amazon seller account reinstated but possibly for your competition to be permanently banned from

In this situation, you’ll also want to investigate the actual substance of the complaint. If your competitor is alleging a trademark violation, for example, do they have a trademark? If they do have a trademark, are you violating their trademark on Amazon? This can be a gray area in Amazon law, so immediate investigation and action are crucial to protecting your seller account.

When you get in touch with seller performance, it’s important to demonstrate exactly how this complaint is invalid by providing exact details and substantial evidence.

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