Aethic triumphs against Beiersdorf in sunscreen patent row – GlobalCosmeticsNews

The European Patent Office has upheld a patent held by indie skin care brand Aethic for the ‘world’s only ecocompatible sunscreen’.

The patent was challenged by Beiersdorf-owned Nivea who questioned whether the product was sufficiently unique and its claim to leave coral and marine life intact substantiated. Aethic fought back, taking to crowd-finding site Crowd Justice to raise the necessary funds to mount its defence.

 Aethic CEO, Allard Marx told Global Cosmetics News, “The attack was cordial in delivery but quite vicious in substance so it came as a great relief that good sense prevailed. I am grateful to the members of the panel for their time and dedication to this case. The patented formula for Aethic Sôvée protects skin like few others and leaves marine life such as coral and sea urchins intact. That in itself is well worth protecting!”

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