3 Things you should NOT DO in business video 2017

3 Things you should NOT DO in business video 2017


There are some things we’d love to see stay in 2016 when it comes to business video.

1. The phone answer: The documentary style business video staple.
You know what we mean. 15 different angles of someone in the office answering their phone. Picking it up, smiling, laughing, hanging up.

This shot offers no value to the viewer and its just….well….lazy.

2. We we we: Talking about yourself has to go in 2017. Why? Because your viewer doesn’t care about you, they are all about them and just want to know how you can solve their problems.

3. Content marketing/promo: Trying to promote yourself in your educational videos will never work. Your education is the proof your viewer needs that you’re the pro. Unfortunately its very common to edusell (a word we just invented)

Don’t cross the two.

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