3 Things to Know for Your Patent Infringement Case – Chicago Patent Attorney Rich Beem


Chicago patent attorney Rich Beem discusses the 3 things you need to know about managing a patent infringement case.

At the beginning of a case, the most important thing is assessment. We must investigate and give opinion on the product and whether it infringes on another, or has been infringed on. Showing the validity of the claim and liability will help determine a good case. At our law firm, we also provide a case management plan in writing. This plan explains the various steps we will follow to put your case in motion and our plans to win or resolve by settlement. Lastly, we provide a budget to our client. Providing this service can help our clients — and their companies — understand our needs for costs of pleadings, discovery, expert witnesses and anything else we need to resolve the case. Having these plans in place makes sure we have little surprises and can predict the issues we may come across during your case. Watch the video to learn more.

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